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The UMA era is coming to a close.

After UMA’s era was continued for another 3 years since the official close of Club Penguin, it has proved how a community can be restored as long as you believe in it and put in the work. It is with sadness to say that it’s era has now come to an end.

At the end of this weekend, the Underground Mafias Army’s era will be one for the books. The army will officially close down on Sunday at 8:00pm EST.

UMA’s empire will be divided amongst two newer armies, one that Commander Ehroyals will lead and the other Commander Games will lead. The links for those new armies is found below, they will carry on the empire UMA built.

I, Mason Cooper, am leaving my post as Commander of UMA, and resigning from CPA in general. I have learned a lot from armies, and the reason behind all of this is nothing short of the fact that I must focus on my studies and creating a bright future for myself in this world. I would like to thank the UMA Crew for granting me the responsibility of leading UMA even when I had obtained the power through dishonorable means. I would like to thank all of the soldiers I had recruited, who have risen up the ranks to become High Command members and hope that they continue to serve or lead their own army sometime. I will definitely support all they do. You guys make me proud. To all of UMA soldiers continuing on their process in ranking up, from Colonels all the way down to Trainees, thanks for taking the opportunity to join one of the best armies in CP. I’m sorry for your experience in UMA to end early, but armies are not done with their work yet. Keep at it comrades. I would also like to thank UMA’s enemies for challenging the army to overcome obstacles such as army size, trust, and strategy in overcoming those challenges. You guys are the reason UMA had grown strong and prospered. I want to thank Serpent a.k.a Vezeran a.k.a. Twitchy who probably cares about the survival of CPA more than anyone else and has put in the work and knowledge to keep it alive. You are a smart dude, and you need some extra hands on managing the system because it is an efficient one. I’d lastly like to thank Games, Ehroyals, Cobra, Xing, Ray, Scout, zeke, Ulysses, Cajan, Calamus, and any leaders I might have missed for being great leaders and friends in the CPA community, even though some of you guys are shitheads at times. I salute you guys.

I would be more than glad to help advise BMA and SWAT whenever I can, and if anyone needs advice, tips, or just someone to talk to, feel free to message me directly on discord. Thanks for everything. I will never forget UMA, CPA and my childhood, CP. Fight the Bad.

Screenshot 2018-02-06 13.19.43.png

BMA: https://discord.gg/EHtBMTQ

SWAT: https://discord.gg/jQe6qmA



LEADERS: Edit in some screenshots or videos you have of the UMA.

Since the end is here, I might as well share off some UMAofCPR Memories.

UMA vs Green Jackhammers on CPR












UMA is officially opting out of the CPA project.

Bert’s UPDATE: I ain’t continuing no war with illegal immigrants because:


Disclaimer: CPAC is a good way to regulate armies, invasions, battles, and the empire. However, with the decrease in community population yet overflowing corruption and disarray within CPA, CPAC has not shown it’s efforts to properly and timely manage the system. Due to this, on behalf of Mason, Ehroyals and Games we have opted UMA out of the system.

This does not mean UMA will not have battles or events anymore with armies in the system. This only means we will not abide by the project’s rules and terms, nor go along with the empire built through it. Yes, the sacrifice means losing the lands UMA has rightfully won and claimed in the empire. However, UMA would not have kept its empire the way the project is being currently run.

As for the war with EGCP, UMA plans to go along with the events and battles it has scheduled. However, once again, it will not be under CPAC terms, nor officiated through it. It would be hybrid. This enforces the roots of our culture, and this is how we will keep doing it. I hope officials in CPAC find a solution to increase its efforts in regulating armies, but for now UMA cannot work under the standards set upon us.

UMA will continue to keep fighting, keep recruiting, keep moving towards growth and success in it’s future. Fight the Bad!


EGCP No-Show; UMA Victorious Defense of Capital

FIGHT THE BAD! UMA had waited for the proud Brazilians to march upon their capital, Deep Freeze, like they said they would. As the time of battle arrived, there was no EGCP soldier in sight. An SSCP soldier who wasn’t in the war had arrived at our post, just to spectate. UMA had waited 5 minutes with 5-6 troops for the EGCP to prove themselves, but they did not show up! UMA maxed 7 and averaged 5. Another defensive victory in the books!Screenshot 2018-02-22 18.06.03.png



UMA has victoriously beaten the Elite Guardians of CP today on its invasion on 3 EGCP servers on Club Penguin Rewritten. We first crashed upon the shores of Ascent, maxing 10 and averaging 8. EGCP maxed 7, while their allies maxed 5. screenshot-2018-02-21-12-18-47.png

Screenshot 2018-02-21 12.25.31.png

We then stormed upon their villages on the server Abominable after 30 minutes of battle on the shores of Ascent. EGCP, once again, had WN try to fight for them. UMA overall had more and better tactics, formations, and organization. UMA maxed 8 and averaged 8. EGCP maxed 5, while their WN allies maxed 5 as well.Screenshot 2018-02-21 12.38.09.pngScreenshot 2018-02-21 12.45.27.png

Screenshot 2018-02-21 12.51.15.png

Lastly, we marched upon the town of Marshmallow, looking through houses to find the hiding, scared EGCP soldiers.

Screenshot 2018-02-21 13.13.40.png

They had WN fight for them…once again. As you can see, EGCP and WN were unorganized and had poor tactics in their last chance to keep Marshmallow. UMA allies did come in this battle, as some Romans and CPC aided UMA to their final victory of the attack. UMA maxed 8 and averaged 7 in this fight. EGCP maxed 5 and WN maxed 5.

Screenshot 2018-02-21 13.19.58.png


Screenshot 2018-02-21 13.21.48.png




Keep away from Xing and Zeke

Zeke has returned to the community after being banned from CPA, fired from CPRAC and infamously known to have defaced the UMA site as well as spread the parasitic lie of UMA multi-logging like the hypocrite he is. He had also helped write exaggerated and wildly inaccurate opinions on UMA on DSMAN (not a site for reading facts), which caused other armies to see UMA as a threat and pursue us. After zeke’s leave from DKE, Cobra merged DKE with the Romans Army and led them during the Romans/UMA war.

He had led a DK Rebellion after being ousted from the community for his multiple crimes, which didn’t work. He is now claiming to have revived DKE although DKE had already merged with Romans Army. Unless zeke talked to Cobra about transferring leadership of the army and unmerging from Romans, zeke is making a decision that was not his to make.

Screenshot 2018-02-11 01.31.53.pngScreenshot 2018-02-20 13.37.28.png

Zeke has appointed Xing to also rule this invalidDKE, who is known to be an army leech, serving for ENF, Romans, BW, WN, DPCP, etc.

Army Leech – Someone who claims to serve or lead MULTIPLE armies at the same time, moving to another army after being ousted from their former one in attempts to seek power/recognition by another army.

Screenshot 2018-02-20 13.49.09.pngScreenshot 2018-02-20 13.46.10.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.31.09.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.25.29.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.24.18.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.24.01.png

As if they couldn’t get dumber, Xing and zeke are claiming to lead DKE again, also claiming to have allied with EGCP as well.

…yesterday they had pleaded to be involved in ONS, the previously covert Operation UMA underwent during the war with EGCP. Screenshot 2018-02-20 13.21.10.png

Either way, DKE had already been involved since Cobra leads DKE in the Romans Army, and zeke and Xing do not represent DKE anymore nor speak for DKE. 


Also, here is more proof that zeke is the only fag who multilogged in UMA.Screenshot 2018-02-20 14.00.33.png

Stay away from these army leeches. They have been removed from CPA for a reason.

Fight the Bad!

Liberation of OldCP

UMA maxed 7, Romans maxed 8, CPC maxed 4

 EGCP maxed 11, and averaged 7



Declaration of War on the Elite Guardians.

On 2/17/18, the Underground Mafias Army declares war on the EGCP Empire.

The EGCP and the NVA divided us, and hoped we never come back to threaten their “glorious” empire. Soon, we came back. As time passed by, the EGCP not only became a threat to UMA, but to all of CPRA.


To all penguins to look up to the EGCP High Command… You are looking in the wrong direction.. The EGCP High Command (Edu, Guta, etc) only want land and power. They don’t care for anything you do as long as it doesn’t threaten their massive server ownership. They will even destroy reputations and careers in CPRA just to keep ONE server. You want to look up to these fools? Hell to the NO you shouldn’t. They are a bunch of clowns, juggling their servers, numbers, and their power overall. They are like drug addicts, they don’t know when to stop, except put that in server ownership use. Its a damn shame that there only motive is to own the whole server map. It wouldn’t classify them as an army anymore though, they are more of a union of smaller colonies that raise their right hand to some dirty Brazilian online.


To the EGCP high Command… Get ready for your little insults to backfire, because after all this conflict, you will pay for war crimes against the CPRA lands and continents. We’ve had enough of your games, and you will pay.


UMA-Romans War Has Ended

UMA and Romans Army have decided to call a cease-fire, and end the war. It was not progressing for either army, and took much longer than expected. A Treaty was signed by leaders and reps. of both armies, and peace has been declared amongst both.

Screenshot 2018-02-16 15.20.53.png

Screenshot 2018-02-16 15.20.59

Fight the Bad.


Successful Training on Deep Freeze

Hello UMA! Today we hosted a training today. We had amazing numbers that we haven’t seen since zeke attempted to destroy us!

| Max: 12 | Average: 7 |

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