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UMA 2019 Recruitment Events

Hello, this is Mason. I have decided, since it’s been some time since the 2018 UMA era and its success, to help spin things back up in the army as interim leader.

I don’t expect a large turnout but we will have some recruitment events on unconquered Vintage Penguin servers to recruit soldiers and train.

Friday, March 1st 2019
US Event: 6:00pm EST – Vintage Penguin – Avalanche [AU] – Town
UK Event: 9:00pm EST – Vintage Penguin – Avalanche [AU] –  Town

Saturday, March 2nd 2019
US Event: 11:00am EST – CPPS.io – Main – Town
UK Event: 4:00pm EST – CPPS.io – Main – Town

Attend these recruitment events to prove you are an active UMA soldier deserving of a promotion. We must become stronger than all the rest and pulverize our enemies.

Fight the Bad






How is Soda Seas so polluted?

Hello all, I am Games, and today i’ll be making this uncalled for post on the Underground Mafias Army website. Today i’ll be looking into how Soda Seas is so polluted. So, let’s get started. As we know Soda Seas is polluted with cream soda barrels, and what also seems to be a coincidence is that it is near the dock. But why is the location (near the dock) having to do with the Soda Seas being polluted, you may ask? Well, in the game Hydro Hopper, many items come afloat, such as beach balls, glass bottles, and buoys. Showing that this general area of the island is polluted with various items. Now I have a theory on why Soda Seas and Hydro Hopper are so darn polluted, and from here I turn to The Journal of Captain Rockhopper.

On March 14th, 2005, Rockhopper encountered a storm after he left Club Penguin, and on March 8th, everyone was gathered at the Docks.


As we see in this image, many of Rockhopper’s supplies were washed overboard, and if Rockhopper departed from the Docks, then many of his supplies could have washed up near Soda Seas and the docks. One of Rockhopper’s well-known supplies is Cream Soda, which also happens to be the main polluter of the Soda Seas, giving Soda Seas’ it’s name.

So yeah, Rockhopper killed the environment of Soda Seas, of course unless you just play Aqua Grabber, pick up the barrels, and return them to your net, but that’s different, Okay? Goodbye.



After a short time back from the hospital I realized that you are mostly inactive. WITH THIS IN MIND we are doing an active count.

Comment “I’m active” if you are still around.



Successful UMA Spring Training

Hello UMA regime,

It is your commander Mason. After weeks of endless recruiting and collecting enlistment papers from penguins of CPPSes far and wide, we have successfully trained many new UMA soldiers that have enlisted. We are planning to continue recruitment until we secure a big and strong enough team to start colonizing unconquered servers. 

Just this Tuesday UMA maxed 8 and averaged 6 during a training event.Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 5.25.52 PM.png

Many CPO users welcomed UMA, however the staff did not. One of our soldiers fell after the event from the ban hammer of a staff admin. May rhino rest in peace (and get unbanned).

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 5.29.05 PM.png

This weekend is the beginning of Operation “Hunnies” where UMA will begin conquering Vintage Penguin servers. Be sure to attend the invasion on VP – Snowy Mountains [AU] – Beach 11am EST (8am PST, 3pm UK)

Fight the Bad!

Successful Recruiting Events; Training Events Schedule

Good evening UMA! We are continuing to build this army through tedious amounts of recruiting on populated CPPS servers. We have experienced some irritated users trolling us, but stuck out the events and managed to max 8 soldiers and average 5 while recruiting on Penguin Oasis’s town.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 4.26.41 PM.png

To all new UMA members, welcome to the fight. We hope your stay is long, and you continue to attend events and train to become the very best and brightest of UMA.
Comment if you attended todays events.


Tuesday, March 4th 2019
CPPS: Club Penguin Online
Server: Flurry
Room: Town

1pm PST
2pm  MT
3pm CST
4pm EST
9pm GMT
10pm ESP
11pm UK

Wednesday, March 5th 2019
CPPS: Club Penguin Online
Server: Sleet
Room: Town

5pm PST
6pm  MT
7pm CST
8pm EST
1am GMT
2am ESP
3am UK

Friday, March 8th 2019
Server: Main
Room: Town

8am PST
9am MT
10am CST
11am EST
4pm GMT
5pm ESP
6pm UK

Saturday, March 9th 2019
Server: Main
Room: Town

8am PST
9am MT
10am CST
11am EST
4pm GMT
5pm ESP
6pm UK

Comment below if you attended today’s events.

Fight the Bad!


Successful Recruitment Events 3/1/19

Hello brethren,
We have successfully recruited 12 soldiers into the UMA regime today in our US and UK events this afternoon in EST. Although many UMA soldiers could not make it on for the events, us leaders stuck it out and brought some extra heads into the team.


At one point, we had maxed 6 heads.
If you have been recruited into the UMA, please comment on this post to show your attendance in todays events. We will promote those who attended today and who successfully finish training events tomorrow.
Fight the Bad

The Fight Against the Bad Resumes

Greetings, Comrades.

We are returning once more to achieve the greatest glories that this community has to offer. Masun and I (Proditor) have been granted interim leader roles while the premiers are busy with real-life circumstances. Events will be scheduled and posted shortly.

That’s all for now.

– Proditor


#oohmagang – UK Event 12/8/18

Today we had our first UK event back since last gen. It was led by me and Movamp as we maxed 6 and averaged 5. Comment if you attended

-Zeke, UMA Leader

Fight the bad


Today we had our first US event back from being dormant for 5 months. We maxed 7 and averaged 6. It was led by me and Movamp. Comment for promotions

-Zeke, UMA Leader

Fight the bad