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Exposing the United Republic of Penguins

As you all know the URP has been declared war on by the UMA for defacing the discord server. I am here to expose the URP. This all revolves around Moonlocks (URP Consul). On January 18th, 2018, I was “exposed” on the Roman Chat by Moonlocks. I was exposed to be a spy apparently which in another post I will explain how I was “spying”.
exposed moonlocks.png
He then went out to leak that to the Romans. After that I was banned from the Roman chat. I then went out to say this:
exposed moonlocks2.png
exposed moonlocks3.png
He then went on to claim Sidika did it:
exposed moonlocks4.png
Although he was only saying this because I was banned from the RPF chat, so I couldn’t see anything.
exposed moonlocks5.png
After this I went on to talk to the Romans. He then did this to my good friend from the Romans, Lucio. He sent me this DM from Moonlocks.
um ok.png
After this you can see this is clear proof. He went on to claim Sidika or Security still did it. He claimed she/he wanted information. But it seems that all Sidika does is want to ruin peoples rep. And the thing is, why would she want to say that Moonlocks didn’t do it? The reason is because there was no hacker and he wanted me to not be mad at him.
He then proceeded with his fake acting/mental breakdown:
exposed moonlocks6.png
I think we all can agree Sidika didn’t do shit. I also talked to Security, and he said no bullshit happened.
exposed moonlocks7.png
Eventually I had no choice but to “spy” on EHUMA. Although I didn’t URP was after me. So I made the account: Adolf Anilius. Moonlocks was the only one who had access to it. It was given 3ic because my main had 3ic.
He then went on to claim that Sidika got the info for the account. If she can’t get her own spyware then she can’t check pins.
Moonlocks then went on to delete the account:
deleted email.png
Yes that’s the email don’t judge. Anyway there may be a part 2. So far this is all I got. Plus all of his bullshit claims about how Sidika did it. But for now this is what I will post.


The Cold War

Today, my comrades, is a very special day..

Our fatherland has been defaced, and it is confirmed by Doctor Calamus/Moonlocks/Mooncocks.

We will not take this, and the Cold War has started.



Bombing Raids coming soon.

Raid on Blizzard – UMA Civil War Thickens

Today, the Soldiers logged onto Blizzard on CPR. We fought the NUMA and the EGCP. We maxed 4, while the NUMA maxed 3 with 40 million rogues. The civil war now thickens. We also claimed victory first and they rambled on.
nother save oohma1.png
nother save oohma.pngnother save oohma2.png


nother save oohma4.png

nother save oohma3.png

nother save oohma5.png

Our Discord Has Been Defaced…

Today at 6:50 AM EST, our Discord chat has been defaced by the Romans 3ic, Guta and the United Republic of Penguins. The URP got a hand of this defacement by hacking into SavageCobra’s alt, Adolf Anilius. After this many were unbanned and kicked. The server was destroyed. Currently there may be a war on the URP. Here is proof of the incident.
Video for more information:


CPR Hacks – How to add (Almost) Any Item on CPR

Here in this video we will show you how to add almost any item on CPR.

CPR Hacks – How to Join any Room Hack Tutorial

Hello, I present to you how to hack and go to any room on CPR. Before we do this be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7w83f-BHGee9iBYk5Z3f-Q

Video Tutorial:

Normal Tutorial:

1st you will need WPE Pro: https://tinyurl.com/ycjm2svl. 2nd Epic Safety Browser: https://epicbrowser.com. 3rd the SPT: https://tinyurl.com/ydeqfvlf. Now. Open Epic Browser, you have to install it rip. After you logged on to CPR go a private room, like your igloo. Then pull up WPE Pro. Click the “Target Program” and click the first Epic Safety Browser.exe. After that click the top play button, go back to CPR and walk once. Then go back and stop it. Then you will see a packet. Right click it and hit “Send to List Using Socket ID”. After doing that hit “send” Then click the file button and open up “Join Secret Rooms.spt”. Then after that click one of the rooms by checking it. Then click the play button on the bottom and walk, it will then teleport you to the room. Enjoy!!


Underground Mafias Army YouTube Channel Out Now!

Hello there, I am SavageCobra, former soldier of DK, and the current UMA 3ic. I have decided with Games, permission to make a UMA YouTube channel! On the YouTube Channel I will put videos of hacks, pins, cheats, etc. You can visit it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7w83f-BHGee9iBYk5Z3f-Q


Training on Sleet

Hello my comrades, today we logged on Sleet for a training. We averaged 5 and maxed 6. GG





The rise of EHUMA + Training on Blizzard

Hello all, today we had a training on Blizzard, we averaged 4 and maxed 5. GG






End of the Year Timezone Info

Before we head into 2018, we need to know your timezone, and when you are available so we can nail good numbers at events. Fill out the forum, and post it in the comment section of this post.



(US = North America, South America, etc) (UK = Europe, and Africa) (Ausia = China, Australia, New Zealand, Some parts of Russia.)

What is your Timezone:


US, UK, or Ausia:


What time of the day are you most available?


Fill this out by January 2nd!

Until then, Fight The Bad!