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Date: Friday, July 20, 2018

Times: 1:30 pm EST, 12:30 pm CST, 11:30 am MST,  10:30 am PST  6:30 pm GMT/UK

Server: Flurry Room: Snow Forts



UK Event 20/07/18

Today we had a great UK event in UMA base we just hit 16 penguins online that was a great size for UK but we can do better thanks all the troops who took part in this golden event! We are in a very good path… FIGHT THE BAD!

COMMENT IF YOU ATTENDED!Screenshot_33wwwScreenshot_31

Unscheduled US Event 7/19/18

Hey troops, today our US event went extremely well as we maxed 25 (!!) and averaged around 20. This is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved in the UMA, past and present. We are entering a golden age. We are the 2nd biggest army in CPA right now. This is the best UMA has been since 2016! We will truly get far in the Army League tournament if we keep having events like this, day in and day out. Enjoy your rest for tonight, but UK troops, be ready for an event tomorrow as you had an off day today. We still need to work on our tactics, but we are truly getting better every day. Fight the Bad!


Comment if you attend for a promotion!



uma leader


US EVENT MAXED 20! 18/07/18

Today we had a special US event on UMA’s base cause we just hit our goal!! We just hit 20 penguins online that was just perfect. I want to thank all the troops who came today at this special day but especially i want to thank all the leader who helped me with recruiting… FIGHT THE BAD!

Games Edit: Comment if you Attended!


Wednesday UK event

Today’s UK event went extremely well, as we maxed 15 yet again and welcomed some new troops into the army. If we keep going like this we’ll definitely hit 20 by the end of the week. New troops, comment if you attended for a promotion!


uma leader

Tuesday US Training Event

Today we had a training event on CPO. It was earlier than usual so we maxed only 10 and averaged 8-9. Very good event, need to see more of this in the future. Tomorrow’s event will be at 2 cst/3 est/8 uk so be sure to attend that, expecting 12-13.


uma leader

Unscheduled UK Event

Hey UMA, today we had an unscheduled UK event that was led by Justin and Movamp. It was a huge success, as they easily maxed 15 troops! That is a huge accomplishment for not only our UK but for the whole army, with our US combined we’re easily hitting 20+.

thanks to fasto who took pics and recruited, hes been promoted to captain



uma leader

Declaration of War

On this day, July 13th, 2018, The Underground Mafias Army has declared war on the ETA. They have abused our troops in several instances. A CPO Army League mod (who happened to be ETA) banned our leaders from the chat for silly things. He accused me of saying a racist word (which was never said, check the chat logs Riley lol) and banned my comrade Games from the chat for simply saying an innocent joke that wasn’t offensive at all. They have messed up for good and will pay for their foolish actions.






Unscheduled Event 7/13/18

Today we logged on Club Penguin Online for an unsched event. During the event we welcomed some new troops, such as new 3ic Justin. Anyways, we maxed 10 and averaged 8-9. Great job today, we will truly do well in the upcoming AL tournament if we keep having events like these.

Max: 10 Avg: 8-9

– zeke x

The UMA Reich

Average: 8-9, Max: 9

Good Job UMA, we have entered a new era.

When the event was starting, the Sharks challenged us, but we beat the, with ease and shown them the true power of UMA, Fight the Bad Comrades!


Comment if you attended!

Fight the Bad!


Unsched/Kinda Scheduled Recruiting/Training Event 7/10/18

Max: 6, Average: 4